Small Business Taxes

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Business name
Has business registered HST? Yes No      If yes, what is HST
Was HST # registered in the tax year? Yes No       If yes, the date registration was effective
Total income for the tax year $ Is HST included?Yes No
List major business activities?

Business Expenses

Split all business related receipts for the tax year into the groups listed below. Calculate total for each group and put TOTAL in corresponding line. Complete the form, review all numbers for accuracy and submit.

Meal and Entertainment  
Business Insurance  
Interest and bank fees  
Licenses, dues, membership and subscription  
Office expenses  
Computer-related expenses  
Legal, accounting and other professional Fees  
Management and administration fees  
Rent of office (outside of home)  
Repairs & Maintenance  
Salary, wages, sub-contractors and benefits  
Business Travel (transportation and accommodation)  
Fuel cost (except for motor vehicle)  
Delivery, freight and postage  
Small tools  
Motor vehicle expenses:
Name of vehicle
Number of km drove in the tax year  
Number of km drove to earn business income  
License plate sticker
Vehicle maintenance and repair  
Annual leasing charges  
407ETR & Tolls  
If vehicle purchased in the year - cost before taxes  
Purchase date
Home office
Total area of home  
Area of home used for business  
Total of the heating bills paid  
Total of the hydro bills paid  
Total of the water bills paid  
Home insurance  
Rent or Interest on Mortgage  
Property taxes  
Other Expenses (specify):

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